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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 5, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> alan: investigators are wrapping up day three of a tedious search going on at a pittsburg landfill. they have been combing through towns of tons of waste looking for the poky victim of a -- possible victim of a bizarre killing spree. we're live in bit pittsburg. any idea how long they plan to continue the search? >> reporter: for today, day three, this search is scheduled to wrap up any minute now, at 5:00. they start at 8:00 this morning. this is the third day they have been out here. police say they will keep searching out here until they find a clue or until they're finished searching through a one-acre area. they just told us that is
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expected to take another two to three more days. looking for a need until a haystack doesn't even begin to describe the task before this team of 20 searchers. this is a grisly hunt for a clue in a landfill. >> at this time they are going through 3,000 tons of debris. >> reporter: the search mirrors the same tedious process that has taken place at the landfill for three days now. an excavator collects debris one bucket at a time, and by hand, volunteers and members of the hercules police department sift through the trash, hoping that something, anything, leads them to fed rick solis' well-s. >> all the efforts have yielded no results. >> reporter: the 35-year-old hasn't been seen since august 26th, and authorities fear he could be the fifth victim in a string of murders at the hands of if valdemore.
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police say in a fit of jealousy, valid more likely killed sales' father and tran's girlfriend. and investigators believe valdemore suspect thread hey have been a romantic relationship between the father or son and tran. police say valdemore could also be connected to the togethers of these two vallejo women, also found dead last week. valid -- valdemore occasionally leafed in one home. her husband, charles rittenhouse, remains in jail, charged with having large amounts of explode citizen the house. the same place police say rittenhouse was living through the dough composed bodies. no new answers have turned up at the landfill. >> still coin to talk -- continue to talk to friends and
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family, and hopefully somebody can provide us a lead. >> reporter: the reason investigators believe this pittsburg landfill may lead to some clues is the trash from, he close is -- hercules and the business park where valdemore worked, the same business park that a car he was known to drive was found abandoned. searchers will be back out at this landfill at 8:00 tomorrow morning. reporting live from pittsburg, abc-7 news. >> alan: the san francisco police have identified the two fatal victims of a crash that occurred last night. it left three others in critical condition. happened near the season end of lake merced and john muir drive. a honda crossed over into ongoing traffic and was taken broadsided by a white toyota. the two men in the honda, a 19-year-old and a 20 yeecialgd died at the -- 20-year-old, died
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at the scene. three people in the toyota are in critical condition. no word on what causeled the honda driver to veer off course. >> alan: the "wall street journal" quotes unnamed sources as saying the oracle founder is interested in finding a spot for huard. huard resigned from hp amid a an investigation that uncovered unauthorized expenditures by huard. larry ellisson criticized theboard of directors for letting him go. the california supreme court is set to hear arguments whether the governor has the power to fewer low opportunities of thousands of state employees, 144,000 workers have been ordered to take three unpaid days off a month. the high court will hear
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arguments in three lawsuits filed by worker grounds who say the furloughs violate union contracts and state law. the governor argues they're empowered to order furloughs in the face of a fiscal crisis. the supreme court has up to three months to issue a decision. >> san mateo county officials have found two dead animals carrying the west nile virus. the found the infected raven and squirrel last month. the squirrel was found in redwood city august 17th. the raven was picked up in portola valley august 23rd. the bird may have been infected last year. officials are urging residents to report dead birds and squirrels. turning to iraq. u.s. troops came under fire today for the first time since their combat mission officially ended last week. the u.s. forces were helping iraqi 'troops fight off an
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insurgent raid on an iraqi military headquarters in baghdad. a dozen people were killed when the suicide bombers struck the compound and fought their we inside. insurntz have been ramping up takes on iraqi forces now that u.s. combat missions there have ended. a christian televangelist surprised people when he spoke of building a mosque near ground zero in manhattan. bill keller led the first service inside a new christian center a block from where the world trade center once to the. an islamic ground wants to build its own center in that same area. >> they want to preach the laws of is lamb, i can preach the bible. >> alan: this comes as officials hope a $20,000 reward will help catch the arsonist who set fire to a site where a new mosque was being built.
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the jetblue flight attendant to head the dramatic exit down the emergency chute said he quit and was not fire. slater has been suspended by the company after his profanity laced tirade over the plane's loud speaker and his unusual exit at the airport. slater has attracted thousands of online fans, and some of them urged jetblue to keep him employed. the airline announced that he is no longer an employee but did not give any details. slater's lawyer says he resigned last wednesday. san francisco supervisors are set to vote this week on a new alcohol fee that would help cover some of the costs linked to drinking too much. the fee on wholesaler and distributors would head thee cents to a about ol' -- bottle of bore or mixed drink. the proposed fee would pull in
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$15 million per year. the money would be used to pay for emergency room visits, ambulance costs, alcohol prevention programmed, and a rehab center. the alcohol and hospitality industries are opposed, saying it would hurt businesses and kill jobs. just ahead, scientist release the first new pick tours a rare california now that was thought to be extinct. first, tragedy in central america, where massive mudslides have buried alive some bus passengers. a look at the new ideas president obama is promising this week to get the economy become on track. >> leigh: hi there, i'm leigh glaser. hays was -- it has been a gorgeous day today. temperatures up in many locations. we look at the seven-day forecast coming upupupupupupupup
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>> alan: heavy rains have caused a terrible tragedy in got money la. officials say at least 38 people have been killed in a series of mudslides that cascaded on a highway northwest of the capitol. dozens of people are still missing, including some of the initial rescuers. crews are trying to dig out two partially buried buses with victims inside. torrential rains from a tropical depression have pounded got money la for days, cutting off highways and forcing officials to evacuate thousands of people. on the heels of last friday's jobless figures, president obama plans to introduce a broader package of economic ideas this week. the president is traveling the country, making stops in wisconsin and ohio. we have the story. >> reporter: over the next week, president obama wants to show he is recommitted. >> i will keep working day-by-day to restore
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opportunity, economic security, and that basic american dream for our families and future generations. >> reporter: after another month of modest job growth and net job loss, the president hits the road, traumatic to milwaukee on laneyear day -- labor day, and then a stop in cleveland, and back to the white house for a news conference on friday. democrats hope the president asserts his stimulus package last summer saved jobs. >> we have had eight straights month of job games. not as high as anyone would like but we're on the right path. >> reporter: the president's push comes two months from the elections. >> the economic policies have failed, and we can argue about jobs created or saved. the fact is they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. >> president obama plans a new economic package with proposals for extending tax credit for
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business, research expenses, money spent on infrastructure, and small business investments. >> it has to be the private sector that comes back. >> reporter: the economic proposals come at the kickoff of the fall campaign. polls show democrats trail republicans by a large margin. >> alan: a bay area man cerd by many to be a by knee in the latino civil rights movement has lost his battle with cancer. he had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma. he formed a fund to provide scholarships for students interested in media careers. he was a teacher. the family is planning a public memorial that will be announced later. he was
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>> alan: we have the first new photos of a rear california fox that was thought to be ex-stink. we first told you yesterday about the sierra nevada red fox which hadn't been seen in 20 years. today, "skype" 'tis -- scientist released photos that were snapped by a motion-activated camera in humboldt national for rest. experts used dna testing on the salve a to confirm it is the rare fox. >> today is the second day of the annual sausolito arts festival. organize ares say they aren't sure they can match the 20% growth in attendance over the previous year, partially because of the weather.
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some artists tell the marin independent journal that they're pleased with sales figures despite windy and cooler temperatures. pablo cruz, the tubes, and dave mason are performing today. on to leigh glaser, and hopefully the complaints department hasn't been get -- >> leigh: it's gone. temperatures are going to be in the $80ss there tomorrow so make plans. here's a great shot from the mount tam cam. a great day at the beaches. and a little sauce lead -- sausolito in the ground. cloud-free thanks to the winds, and the northerly breezes helped to warm us up in most locations. 91 in concord right now. it's 91 -- 91 in antibiotic county, -- in antioch.
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90 in concord. half moon bay, the coofl spot, 59, and 80 in san jose. temperatures, right now compared to this time yesterday, antioch and livermore, down a few degrees. check out san francisco, up 10 degrees, novato up 9 degrees, napa up 6 degrees, and we're going climb more as we head into the holiday monday. tonight we keep it clear and mild. warm to hot tomorrow, and then as we get into tuesday and wednesday, that's when the cooling trend will start to move in the northerly winds across the entire state. cloud-free, warm temperatures, and the clearing will stay with us tonight. check out inland temperatures. concord, antioch, and possibly livermore in the 60s or upper 50s to right near 60. so 56, clear skies for napa. 57, clear for san francisco, and
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san jose, 59 tonight. clear there. here is how we start off tomorrow, with clear skies. high pressure has built in, and tomorrow afternoon it's going bring us those dry offshore winds, and temperatures will climb another five, maybe as much as six degrees across the bay area. we start our day off monday with clearing, and then check out the temperatures, definitely 90s. the further east, with 80s on the peninsula, and here's a look at some temperatures for you. 9 tomorrow for san jose. 88 degrees. half moon bay, expecting 76 degrees. yes, a terrific beach day on tap for you. menlo park. 75, sunset district, san rafael, 88. novato, 92. napa, 90 degrees.
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86 for oakland. 87 castro valley. interior east bay, warm to hot with 94 for brentwood, 93 for concord. livermore, 94 degrees, and santa cruz there, the boardwalk, 85 degrees and 93 for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, enjoy tomorrow. going to feel like summer, and then we're going shave those temperatures down. bring in the low clouds and fog and reverse the winds to more onshore, and cooler wednesday, going from mid-to-upper 90s to upper 70s by wednesday. >> alan: get it while you can. thanks, leigh. on to mike shumann. both teams chomping at the bit. >> mike: we kicked off college football yesterday. and we look ahead to the nfl season openers, the raiders facing thettttttttttt
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>> mike: remember the titans. the raiders are ready to forget about them at the travel to tennessee for their season opener. injuries are the question mark, michael bush has a cast on his left arm after surgery to repair a fracture. jason campbell is fine. his wrist and neck injuries are fine. the surprise is jerry red veldheer. filled in at center due to an injury and now will start on sunday. >> he is big, physical, tall
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guy, so sometimes that can help the defense, a guy that big. >> just believed and what they were teaching, trying my best every rep, and i knew that would take me where i needed to be. >> mike: a great story. frustrating to be an a's fan. always too little too late. they're eight back of the rangers after taking two from the angels. breast cancer awareness at the park. raised more than $70,000 for the cause. top three, mike nap which i, swinging, smart move. a titanic blast. 4-0 halos. the a's battle back. the double plates a pair to make it 4-3. but they wouldn't get any closer. in the 7th. abreu, from back up the middle. a 3 rbi day. kendrick scores and the angels win 7-4.
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the u.s. open had one upset. murray bites the dust. for the women, kim christ sir -- clijsters moves on as does venus williams. match point for ven venus who didn't play that well. but she uncorks a forehander that peer can't handle. venus has a straight set victory. men's third round action, nadal taking on simone. look at this. whips the forehand cross-court winner. not fair. nadal's serve has not been broken in the tournament. rafa advances to the fourth round with a straight set victory. pga playoffs, third round, deutsche bank championships in transportation boston. start with tiger, the third.
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the pretty flop shot leads to a birdie. minus-7. top 70 advance next week. phil mickelson, back in contention. on the par-4 15th. his third. told his caddie he was going to chip it in. and he does. 67 for lefty. 12-under. to 18. brandt snedeker. hitting into a hazard and needing to chip in for par. and the delivers a clutch shot. one back of jason day. cards a 66. a one-stroke lead. >> see you at 6:00 with andy murray's highlights. >> alan: coming up, oakland hosts the first celebration of its kind in years. the return of
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>> alan: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, the economy may be down but air fares are up. how much you may have to expect to pay for your next trip. join us at 6:00. a lot of people enjoyed the sunny weather and took part in oakland's first gay pride parade in six years. people danced as musicians played in oakland's updown section. oakland held pride celebrations every year from 1997


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